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Helsinki by Poets of the Fall

While filming their new music video in Helsinki the Finnish band Poets of the Fall shared with us their favourite places and things to do in Helsinki.

We picked out some of the recommendations below. Check out all the tips on youtube.com/visithelsinki!

"My home city"

My home city. People are very friendly, they’re very open and outgoing.
- Marko Saaresto, Vocals

Very beautiful, and a nice city to live in. Architecture of Helsinki city centre is fantastic, and combines a lot of different things.
- Jari Salminen, Drums

Helsinki has the kind of feeling of a small town.
- Jani Snellman, Bass

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Favourite places

I like the cafés and restaurants because I’m kind of a foodie and I like the coffee. There’s a nice selection of those in Helsinki. It works for me.
- Marko Saaresto, Vocals

It’s very hard to find another city in the world that is almost everywhere surrounded by the sea.
- Jani Snellman, Bass

Suomenlinna, it’s a really interesting place to visit with a lot of history.
- Olli Tukiainen, Guitar

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Full of experiences

During winter there are a lot of places where you can go to swim. Yeah, definitely worth trying. It’s very cold but it makes you feel great!
- Olli Tukiainen, Guitar

Just walk around in Helsinki or take the tram. You’ll see everything Helsinki has to offer.
- Jari Salminen, Drums

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Food recommendations

There’s a restaurant called Seahorse. Basically just order anything from the menu and you’ll get fantastic Finnish food.
- Jari Salminen, Drums

Grill food, some “snägäri” stuff. That’s Finnish speciality.
- Jani Snellman, Bass

Karjalanpiirakka. Very good. Lots of different way to eat it.
- Olli Tukiainen, Guitar

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Updated 09/06/2015

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