Incentives in Helsinki

Helsinki is an ideal setting for incentives: a rich mix, where traditional eastern exotica meets contemporary western ways; where untouched nature becomes vibrant European capital; where colourful history enriches the dynamic urban centre of tomorrow.

The sea embodies the spirit of Helsinki. The city’s downtown core is bounded, indeed surrounded by it; numerous inland bays and channels flow through and define the urban landscape. Everything from dragon boats to tall ships, sleuths to schooners and luxury cruisers ply these pristine waters.

Guided fishing tours challenge even the most experienced anglers, island saunas both luxurious and rudimentary sting and soothe, and local beaches lure serious swimmers and toned tanners in equal number.

Outlying island cafés and restaurants lay on both haute cuisine and hot soup; further out lies the unique, largely untouched expansive archipelago of 315 breathtaking islands, where sailors meet and kayakers escape.

Helsinki is surrounded, literally, by near-untouched nature – so much so, it’s hard to say where one ends and the other begins. This unique relationship offers boundless opportunities to pursue outdoor activities both traditional and contemporary, from hiking and bird-watching, to rock climbing, mountain-biking, snowboarding and survival training.

Few capital cities can boast two rich, expansive nature preserves – crawling, swimming, and flying with life – within a stone’s throw from the downtown core.

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