• Helsinki Sauna Day opens the doors to private saunas for everyone to enjoy. (c) Helsinki Sauna Day

Helsinki Sauna Day opens the doors to private saunas for everyone to enjoy on 12 March 2016


Helsinki is full of saunas that are often empty and seldom seen by most. This will change when the first ever Helsinki Sauna Day is held on Saturday 12 March 2016. Helsinki Sauna Day will open the doors to the private saunas of local residents and companies to all who are interested – friends and strangers alike.

Many new communal initiatives have been created in Helsinki in recent years. Nevertheless, most saunas these days are in private use only, even though traditionally saunas have been a communal event in Finnish towns and cities. Furthermore, although there are an estimated three million or more saunas in Finland, most of them are seldom used. At the same time, many people would like to enjoy a sauna more often.

“The Finnish summer may be short, but that’s no obstacle to having a lively urban culture. Traditionally the sauna ritual involves not only relaxing, but also chatting and getting to know people, so it’s natural to create a communal event based on the sauna. It will also help make Helsinki an even more fun and warmer place,” says Jaakko Blomberg of the social innovations group Yhteismaa, the organiser of the event.

“Saunas are often connected with summer cottages and lakes, but we too have a unique sauna culture here in Helsinki. It’s great that we can be part of making Helsinki Sauna Day a reality and opening up our urban sauna culture to others. Foreign visitors in particular are very curious about the sauna culture and like to enjoy local experiences,” says Maarit Pitkänen, Marketing Communications Director at Visit Helsinki.

Locals can have their own sauna included in Helsinki Sauna Day by registering on the www.helsinkisaunaday.fi website. Individuals, companies and organisations are all invited to do so, so long as the saunas are offered free of charge to visitors. Saunas can be opened up at any time and for any length of time on the day in question. Visitors in turn can use the website to browse all the saunas on offer and book a sauna time.

Helsinki Sauna Day is being organised by the social innovations group Yhteismaa together with Visit Helsinki.

Further information:

Jaakko Blomberg, Yhteismaa ry
+358 44 5478354

Maarit Pitkänen, Marketing Communications Director, Visit Helsinki
+358 9 310 25970


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