• Lampounette by the French TILT Group will be seen in the Esplanade Park at Lux Helsinki in January. (c) TILT

New Lux Helsinki route will focus on the Esplanade Park and Annankatu, from 6-10 January 2016

PRESS RELEASE 10.11.2015

The Lux Helsinki light festival will be held in Helsinki, Finland for the eighth time, from Wednesday 6 to Sunday 10 January 2016. In 2016, the artworks will be on display along a new route running from the Ateneum Art Museum to Annantalo, centering on the Esplanade Park, Bulevardi and Annankatu. What is more, the festival will become a more diverse, urban event with a greater focus on street food and the visitor experience. Passers-by can enjoy the light installations daily from 5 pm to 10 pm. Lux Helsinki is suitable for the whole family and entry is free of charge. The festival had over 200,000 visitors the last time it was held in January 2015.

Lux Helsinki is focusing on developing its visitor experience

In 2016, Lux Helsinki will develop into an urban festival featuring a wide range of attractions. The festival's food offering is just getting better – street food will be available on Senate Square and Annankatu. The additional programme and eateries will be announced in December.

Based on feedback from the public, the festival route will be simplified and more signposting will be provided to make the works easier to find. Audience feedback on the timing of the festival has also been taken into account in the selection of dates. In 2016, the festival will begin on Epiphany, four days later than in the previous year, and will continue over the following weekend.

"Lux Helsinki aims to be a winter urban festival, in which the whole city participates. It will feel more like a street event, since the secluded Old Church Park and compact Annankatu will be the key venues featuring a number of artworks and food outlets," says the festival's Artistic Director Ilkka Paloniemi.

The light artworks and venues have now been published – see luxhelsinki.fi for further details

The eighth Lux Helsinki will feature a number of artistic highlights from European light festivals and several commissioned works specially created by artists for the event. The full set of light artworks will be published during November. More than 15 of the light artworks will be created by some of the most fascinating light and media artists from Finland, France, Belgium and Canada. Selected works:

The Ateneum Art Museum will display a total of three works. Jarmo Vellonen, Marikki Hakola, Epa Tamminen and Jone Takamäki have created Frontiers, which is reminiscent of an orchestra whose elements are in dialogue with each other. Based on reliefs mounted on music note stands, as well as video projections and soundscapes, this work will have its Finnish première at Lux Helsinki.

The work Frontiers will have its Finnish première at Lux Helsinki in January. (c) Jarmo Vellonen, Marikki Hakola, Epa Tamminen & Jone Takamäki

To the fore of the University of Helsinki's Porthania, visitors can see the playful Loopy Lou by Frenchman Rémi Brun. This artwork comprises a figure jumping over a skipping rope whose movements consist of just a few LED lights. The work is dedicated to the artist's daughter, whose movements were recorded for the piece when she was eight.

Helsinki Cathedral will be the location of a collection of works, Ilon kuvia (Images of joy), projected onto its façade. These works are the creations of eight of Finland's best-known contemporary artists, who work at the boundaries between genres. The artists behind this tranquil and silent work are Stefan Bremer, Eeva Hannula, Henna Jula, Heta Kuchka, Visa Norros, Maiju Salmenkivi, Petri Tuhkanen and Katja Tukiainen.

Gigantic work lamps up to seven metres high have escaped from a large office to have fun in the Esplanade Park! Lampounette by the French TILT Group has featured in light festivals in countries such as the United Arab Emirates and China.

Kari Kola, who has designed light artwork for venues such as Prague and Paris, is the creator of Color Park to be shown in the Old Church Park. This work encourages visitors to play with light. At several interactive points, visitors can use motion and proximity sensors to change the colour of the work.

Lux Helsinki art work Cloud is composed of six thousand light bulbs. (c) Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garret

Cloud, which can be viewed at the crossing between Annankatu and Kalevankatu, is composed of six thousand light bulbs. The raindrops hanging from the light-bulb cloud are pull-chain switches which visitors can use to switch the bulbs off and on. This work, by Canadians Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garret, has featured in several light events around the world.

The Annantalo Arts Centre will house the Light playground, where you can participate in workshops based on light-related themes. At these workshops, you can paint with lights, have an adventure in a nocturnal forest, shoot a star into the sky or recharge your batteries in a polar night therapy clinic.

Light artworks can also be seen at venues such as the Helsinki Cathedral bell tower, the Tori Quarters, on Sofiankatu, on the Esplanade Park stage, at the Erottaja Pavilion, in the window of Bar Loose and on the façade of Annantalo.

The festival will be organised by the City of Helsinki. Päivi Meros, an Event Producer with Visit Helsinki, will coordinate the event on behalf of the City of Helsinki and Sun Effects Oy will be in charge of production. The festival’s Artistic Director is Ilkka Paloniemi and the Technical Director is Matti Jykylä.
The event partners include Shader and Sun Effects. Lux Helsinki is in collaboration with Radio Helsinki.
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