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Visit Helsinki and Radio Helsinki search for Helsinki’s secret


What makes Helsinki so wonderful and lovely – what is Helsinki’s secret? Listeners to Radio Helsinki and its special guests will help find the answers to these questions from 13 April to 15 May 2015.

Visit Helsinki and Radio Helsinki want to encourage a debate about what makes Helsinki different from other capital cities around the world. Its distinguishing features may include, for example, a place, an atmosphere, an event, a story or a certain attitude.

“By engaging in dialogue with the city’s residents we want to dig beneath the surface and find something truly unique about Helsinki and its DNA. Radio Helsinki is the ideal channel for enabling this discussion,” says Maarit Pitkänen, Marketing Communications Director at Visit Helsinki.

Thoughts and opinions can be shared in text, photo or video format on the www.helsinkisecret.fi website or by participating in the discussion on Radio Helsinki’s social medial channels. All listeners of Radio Helsinki in the city and Helsinki fans elsewhere are welcome to participate. In addition, all of Radio Helsinki’s special guests between 13 April and 15 May 2015 will be asked about Helsinki’s secrets.

“Everyone at Radio Helsinki loves Helsinki, but putting these feelings into words is not as simple as it sounds – especially as there are so many ways of looking at it! That’s why we want to challenge our listeners to really give some thought to what makes Helsinki special. Our listeners no doubt share our deep love for Helsinki, so they are certainly best qualified to reveal Helsinki’s secret,” says Maria Veitola, Editor-in-Chief at Radio Helsinki.

Special weekly prizes are being awarded each weekday between 13 April and 15 May 2015 among participants, as well as a main prize at the end of the campaign: a weekend holiday in Helsinki including tickets to the Flow Festival, hotel accommodation and other treats for the winner and a friend living abroad.

Further information:
Visit Helsinki: Laura Saksala, Communications and Press Officer, laura.saksala@hel.fi, t. +358 9 310 25 855
Radio Helsinki: Maria Veitola, Editor-in-Chief, maria.veitola@radiohelsinki.fi

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