• Tori Quarters. Photo: Tori Quarters/Maija Astikainen
  • Restaurant Day. Photo: Visit Finland Media Bank/Saara Salama

Friendly locals

Helsinki’s open and friendly residents wish visitors, along with new events and trends, a very warm welcome to this dynamic and lively city.

Restaurant Day, flea markets, We Love Helsinki happenings and block parties are all examples of the flourishing urban culture. Indeed, Helsinki is alive throughout the year. Mega-events, festivals and a wide range of smaller happenings are organised each year in Helsinki, and in summertime the streets and parks are also packed with fun-loving people. And it’s worth remembering that the midnight sun hardly sets at all, allowing the active nightlife to continue uninterrupted into the morning.

Most of the locals speak very good English and are happy to assist visitors. Helsinki’s personable, multilingual and friendly residents are among the city’s greatest assets, also for visitors.

The locals like to meet up with each other in cafés and bars, especially on weekends. And whenever the weather allows, people gather in the parks and on the terraces to spend time with friends.

Helsinki is also a vibrant international university city.