• (c) Jussi Hellsten/Helsinki365

Electronic event announcement

It takes a vast amount of background work for an event to succeed. To ease this work, the City of Helsinki has been the first to take an electronic event announcement application into use in Finland. The electronic event announcement makes the arranging of events more fluent.

The event announcement application at Asiointi.hel.fi is used for making announcements, and filing licence applications for events, public happenings and sales and marketing events in Helsinki. With the electronic event announcement, the event organiser can complete almost all of the necessary announcements and licence applications for an event arranged in Helsinki. Previously, this has required between one to ten separate applications.

An application that is filed electronically will be processed at the departments responsible for event licences and announcements. These are the Public Works Department, the Wholesale Market, the Sports Department, the divisions for environmental supervision and environmental health at the Environment Centre, the Rescue Department and the Port of Helsinki.

At the same time, the event announcement works as a checklist for the event organiser. The application form guides the applicant towards the next stages, as it defines the announcements and licences required, based on the information given.

Electronic event announcement