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Printed marketing material

Get acquainted with our brochures for travel professionals and visitors.

Professional brochures
Travel brochures

You can either download the brochures in pdf format here or order the printed Helsinki material via e-mail tourist.marketing(at)hel.fi or by phoning +358 (0)9 3101 3300. Remember to provide the name of the brochure, requested amount, language version(s) and the delivery address.

Professional brochures

 Meeting Planners Manual 2014

Helsinki Meeting Planner's Manual presents the highlights of Helsinki: conference facilities, hotels, banqueting facilities, island restaurants, special venues and service providers within the meetings industry.

Meeting Planner's Manual 2014


Marketing cooperation manual 2017

 Meeting Planners Manual 2014

Marketing cooperation manual 2016

 Helsinki Meetings Industry Highlights

Helsinki Meetings Industry Highlights presents the leading conference facilities, hotel chains and meetings industry service providers in Helsinki.

Helsinki Meetings Industry Highlights, pdf-file

Cruise Finland

Cruise Finland is the marketing brand of the Helsinki Cruise Network. The Helsinki Cruise Network aims to increase the competitiveness of Finland and Helsinki in the Baltic Sea cruise market.

Helsinki Cruise Finland, pdf-file, size 4 MB

Travel brochures

Helsinki Visitors Guide 2016

Helsinki - Visitors Guide 2016
General brochure, 11 language versions.

Helsinki - Visitors Guide 2016

Day in Helsinki

The new "Day in Helsinki" illustrated map is a perfect companion for a one day stay.

Day in Helsinki map


This illustrated map makes it easy for families to plan their stay.

Helsinki for kids


Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH! presents Helsinki's food culture through five districts and three tram routes.

Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH!


Discover the most important places and moments in the life of Jean Sibelius.

Download the brochure Path of Sibelius!

Helsinki & Southern Finland 2014

The brochure Helsinki & Southern Finland Daytrips presents you the favourites of the Helsinki region - the most interesting sights and services.

Helsinki & Southern Finland 2015


Helsinki Region Museums -brochure. Information about museums in 5 languages (Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Russian).

Helsinki Region Museums

 Kävellen Helsingissä -esite

See Helsinki On Foot -brochure presents seven different walking routes to city.

NB! Available only in pdf-form!

See Helsinki On Foot -brochure, pdf-file, size 3,6 MB


It is easy to pick out tasty treats, from among Helsinki’s Art Nouveau treasures, with the help of this guide.

Helsinki is one of the finest Art Nouveau cities in Europe



Printable Helsinki Centre map, pdf-file

Helsinki City Tourist Map The Helsinki City Tourist Map features the city centre and serves tourists in five languages (Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Russian). The map highlights various sights and restaurants in Helsinki. and makes it easier to get to the main sights, identify street names, find services and obtain information about public transportation. The map is not available in pdf format but can be ordered by e-mail from tourist.info[at]hel.fi.
Helsinki Region Map The Helsinki Region Map covers Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. In addition, the map features information about services, sights and accommodation, as well as a roadmap of the capital region. The index is in four languages (Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian). The map is not available in pdf format but can be ordered by e-mail from tourist.info[at]hel.fi.

Updated 26/09/2016