Helsinki tourism statistics

Visit Helsinki publishes a monthly statistical report on Helsinki tourism.

The report includes the latest statistical information published by Statistics Finland, the Finnish Maritime Administration and Finavia. Accommodation statistics have a two-month delay due to technical reasons.

A ten-year overview is available for the years 1990-2000.


Market Report / November 2015

Helsinki Tourism Statistics 11/2015 (PDF)

Overnight stays down almost 3%

Overnight stays by visitors to Helsinki reduced just under 3% in November from one year ago. The fall was equally due to the domestic and overseas visitor segments, proportionately. The largest numbers of foreign visitors in November came from Russia, Sweden, UK, Germany, USA, Japan and China. Overnight stays by guests from our eastern neighbour fell 43% while stays by, for example, Japanese visitors were up 59% and Chinese stays 22%.

Nationwide, overnight stays reduced 3.1% in November. The domestic segment was down 1.1% and the international segment fell 8.3%. Stays by visitors from Russia reduced 43%.

The room occupancy rate of Helsinki's accommodation providers was 71.1% in November. This is about 1.5 percentage points lower than in the previous year. The average
price of a night, €80.04, was more than three euro higher than in November 2014. Stays for business travel purposes increased in November, while stays for recreational purposes decreased slightly. The average duration of stay by overseas visitors to Helsinki reduced in November. The average duration of stay in the domestic guest segment was unchanged from one year ago.

The volume of passengers at Helsinki airport grew 3.0% last year, passing the 16 million passenger limit for the first time. International traffic was up 2.9% and domestic traffic 3.4%. The number of passengers increased 1.2% at Helsinki's ports in January-November. Estonian traffic was up more than one percent and Swedish traffic increased just under a percent, while Russian and German traffic decreased.

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