Helsinki tourism statistics

Visit Helsinki publishes a monthly statistical report on Helsinki tourism.

The report includes the latest statistical information published by Statistics Finland, the Finnish Maritime Administration and Finavia. Accommodation statistics have a two-month delay due to technical reasons.

A ten-year overview is available for the years 1990-2000.


Market Report / March 2016

Helsinki Tourism Statistics 3/2016 (PDF)

Bednights up 4 per cent

In March 2016, 240,000 overnight stays were recorded in Helsinki, of which 118,000 were spent by domestic visitors and 122,000 nights by foreign visitors (Russians 8,000). Bednights were up to 4 per cent compared to the March of last year. Bednights spent by Finnish visitors increased by 1 per cent and those of foreign visitors grew 7 per cent. In March 2016 the number of bednights in Finland was 1,67 million (+ 6 %), of which Finns accounted for 1,25 million (+ 7 %) and foreign visitors for 419,000 (+ 1 %). Overnight stays by Russian visitors totalled for 36,000 (- 17 %).

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