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Helsinki tourism statistics

Visit Helsinki publishes a monthly statistical report on Helsinki tourism.

The report includes the latest statistical information published by Statistics Finland, the Finnish Maritime Administration and Finavia. Accommodation statistics have a two-month delay due to technical reasons.

A ten-year overview is available for the years 1990-2000.

Enquiries: tourist.media[at]hel.fi.

Market Report / April 2014

Helsinki Tourism Statistics 4/2014 pdf-file, size 743 kb

Overnight stays by foreign visitors increasing

Overnight stays by visitors to Helsinki decreased slightly, 1.1%, in April. Stays by international visitors were up 2%, however, while the domestic visitor segment was down 4%. Russian visitors continued to account for the largest share of stays in the international segment, although their number was down 19% from one year ago. In other significant market areas, clear growth was recorded in, among others, the UK, German, Italian, Norwegian, Estonian, Danish and Spanish segments.

Nationwide overnight stays increased 0.2% in April, with the domestic segment down 0.1% and the international segment up 1.5%. Stays by visitors from Russia reduced 20%. The room occupancy rate of Helsinki accommodation providers was 55.7% in April, which is 2.5 percentage points lower than one year ago. The average price of an overnight stay was €67.35, which is down quite clearly from April 2013. Overnight stays by recreational travellers reduced, while the business travel segment was up. The average duration of stay lengthened somewhat both in the international and the domestic visitor segments.

The volume of passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport was up 4.5% in January-May, with growth recorded both in the international and the domestic travel segments. The volume of travellers passing through Helsinki's ports increased almost two percent in January-April. The Estonian segment was up 6%, but travel to and from Sweden, Germany and Russia (the Russian route was shut down entirely for the month of February) decreased during the same period.

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Open data

You can also find our Helsinki tourism statistics as excel-files in the Helsinki Region Infoshare service:

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