Helsinki tourism statistics

Visit Helsinki publishes a monthly statistical report on Helsinki tourism.

The report includes the latest statistical information published by Statistics Finland, the Finnish Maritime Administration and Finavia. Accommodation statistics have a two-month delay due to technical reasons.

A ten-year overview is available for the years 1990-2000.


Market Report / May 2015

Helsinki Tourism Statistics 5/2015 (PDF)

Overnight stays down 3.5%

Overnight stays by visitors to Helsinki reduced 3.5% in May when compared to one year ago. Stays by domestic visitors reduced more than five percent and stays by overseas visitors were down a little over two percent. Stays by Russian visitors continued to decline substantially, being down 36%, but strong growth was recorded in, for example, the Chinese, Japanese and Swiss visitor segments. In May, the largest number of visitors came from Germany, Sweden and Russia.

Nationwide, overnight stays were down 0.4% in May. The domestic segment grew 1.1%, but stays by foreign visitors reduced 4.1%. Stays by Russian visitors were down 32%.

The room occupancy rate at Helsinki's accommodation providers was 70.4% in May, i.e. lower than one year ago, but nevertheless clearly better than in the early part of this year. The average price of a night, €73.49, was about €2.50 lower than in May 2014. Overnight stays by recreational travellers increased in May in both the domestic and international segments, while business travel stays by domestic travellers reduced and remained unchanged in the international segment. The average duration of stay by international visitors to Helsinki shortened somewhat from the previous year. Domestic visitors stayed in Helsinki for roughly the same length of time as one year earlier.

The volume of passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa airport increased 1.3% in January-June. International traffic was up 1.6%, but the domestic segment reduced 0.4%. The volume
of passengers going through Helsinki's ports increased 0.4% in January-May. Estonian traffic reduced slightly, while the Swedish and Russian segments grew.

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