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Swimming and saunas

Helsinki offers you many possibilities to enjoy a relaxing swim or sauna.

The city’s beaches and archipelago are perfect for enjoying outdoor recreation, swimming and nature walks. The most popular swimming beach is Hietaniemi Beach, or “Hietsu” as it is known locally.

Take a dive in the largest swimming hall in Finland, the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre or enjoy the atmosphere in the Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall having the feel of a Roman bath. There is something for everyone! Please note that most of the swimming halls are closed during the summer whereas outdoor swimming pools are open.

Nearly all hotels in Helsinki have their own saunas, in addition to which visitors can enjoy the public saunas listed here.

Swimming and saunas in Helsinki

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Sauna. Photo: Johanna Vilhunen/Visit Helsinki Blog

Fill your heart with the steam of saunas! We will introduce you to the traditional neighborhood saunas in Helsinki and present you with short sauna etiquette.

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