• Marita Huurinainen/Design District Helsinki. Photo: Mustavalkoinen
  • OVVN/Design District Helsinki. Photo: Mustavalkoinen
  • Aero/Design District Helsinki. Photo: Mustavalkoinen

Stories of Design District Helsinki

The stories of Design District Helsinki are about the people behind the counters and display windows sharing their insights and favourite places in the area.

Helsinki has been a popular design destination for decades. Almost as if to remind of it - the city celebrated as World Design Capital in the year 2012. But long gone are the natives such as architects Aalto and Saarinen - while future creative talents now proudly carry on making the Helsinki of 2020 and beyond.

Today Helsinki is one of the leading European creative metropolies hosting a variety of events, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, professional workshops and leisurely get-togethers for a number of people from all parts of the world. In 2012 Helsinki broke a record in overnights bringing nearly 3,4 million visitors to the city and its outskirts. Helsinki is a city where creativity is truly about everywhere you see.

Design District Helsinki is hosting a yearly Design District Week, Design Markets and a Christmas Market, Late Night shopping evenings, organising member events and press tours as well as publishing guides and maps for the area. Local guides have hosted design walks since 2005 and they still count as a popular walking tour for the design enthusiasts in Helsinki.

Design District Helsinki is now almost like a little city of its own characterized by local makers and doers who all contribute to the ever-changing scene of the area. It makes a lively hub of twenty-five blocks stretching from Kamppi and Esplanade to the core of the area called Punavuori, which still for many is the only real Design District.

Here you will meet creatives from all fields of design forming a network of nearly two hundred members and a neighbourhood that blurs with originality, ideas and lots of energy. To locate the shops, stops and studios they are marked with round black-and-white Design District identity stickers. It is not only for navigating in the quarters but also for giving the shopkeepers a sense of belonging to a community and being part of a good cause.

The stories of Design District Helsinki are about the people behind the counters and display windows sharing their favourite places, insights and home-kind-of-feeling for the area from the view and expertise in architecture, design, food, fashion and genuine craftsmanship.

Text by Milla Visuri

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