• Tapio Wirkkalan puisto. Kuva: Tarja Trygg, Helsingin taidemuseo
  • Tapio Wirkkalan puisto. Kuva: Helsingin taidemuseo
  • Tapio Wirkkalan puisto yöllä. Kuva: Tarja Trygg, Helsingin taidemuseo

Tapio Wirkkala Park

The new, urban art park named after the late Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala is a striking landmark of the Arabianranta district.

Designed by celebrated American artist Robert Wilson the park is located in the heart of the district between the housing and the historic Arabia ceramics factory. 

Atmospheric and cosy meeting point

There are nine rooms in the park, in which private and public go side by side. The entrance to the urban park is through high gates and its square-like center consists of the nine rooms fenced by vegetation.

Inside the rooms one finds various interesting elements such as stones of different sizes and shapes, benches, gates, sculptures of horses and a fire place. Wilson himself, as a renowned scenographer, calls the park a work of ”permanent performance”.

The new park also features works by young sculpture students that engage in dialogue with the park’s own pieces. 

Wilson considers interaction with young artists to be especially important. This is why the concept of the park was also in Helsinki realised in collaboration with students of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. In the future the park will also serve as an outdoor gallery space for young artists.

Arabianranta - a district of art and design

Art and design have been important components in shaping the identity of the Arabianranta district, which has also made it a popular travel destination.

This unique international public art project was realised jointly by the Aalto University, the Helsinki Art Museum, the Planning Department, Public Works Department, Economic and Planning Centre and Stara service provider of the City of Helsinki.

The park is situated at the address: Arabiankatu 13, Arabianranta, Helsinki.