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At Hakaniemi market square. Photo: Elina Sirparanta/Visit Finland

Finnish cuisine in Helsinki

Finnish cuisine is based on fresh and natural ingredients that vary according to the season. In addition to vegetables, mushrooms, berries and fish, Finnish food is typified by simplicity and purity of taste. Helsinki’s own cuisine also features influences from both the East and the West.

Helsinki offers special culinary treats for each season of the year. Try these seasonal specialties!

January: burbot and roe with blinies
February: Runeberg tarts, pea soup and laskiaispulla (Shrove buns)
March-April: lamb, mämmi (Finnish Easter pudding), pasha
May: perch, whitefish, pike-perch, sima (mead) and tippaleivät (May Day fritters), nettles
June-July: new potatoes, salmon, sausage, herring, strawberries, blueberries, cloudberries
August: root vegetables, crayfish, wild duck, chanterelles, apples
September: Baltic herring, vendace, hare, trumpet chanterelles, lingonberry
October-November: lamb, cabbage, elk, reindeer, goose
December: ham, rosolli salad, root vegetable casseroles, ginger biscuits, Christmas pies, glögi (mulled wine)

Updated 21.3.2014


Finnish cuisine can be tried at participating HelsinkiMenu restaurants. Culinarists will also love the ingredients on display at the Old Market Hall and the Market Square.

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