• Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH! / Design: Tikari & Maininki

Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH!

The food brochure Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH! reveals the secrets of Helsinki’s food culture.

Helsinki's food culture is the most interesting one in the Nordic countries thanks to its unique location between East and West.

Now for the first time local food information and tips have been compiled in a single visually attractive theme brochure “Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH!”.

Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH! / Design: Tikari & Maininki

One brochure, five districts, 50 locations

Published by Visit Helsinki, the new pocket-sized brochure “Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH!” presents Helsinki’s food culture and current trends with tips and special themes. The brochure features a map that encourages readers to discover the city independently through the theme of food.

The brochure’s map presents the city’s food offerings in five districts and along three tram routes. The map highlights restaurants, cafés, market halls, delicatessens and kitchenware shops.

The brochure also includes a lot of food-related facts, such as history, a glossary and information about events, seasonal products and street food.

Food Helsinki? HEL YEAH! / Design: Tikari & Maininki

Pick up your own copy in the Tourist Information or the participating locations marked on the map.

There is also print friendly A4-sized version of the map available!