• The Helsinki Abattoir is a lively centre for food culture. (c) Maria Miklas/Teurastamo Night Market

Teurastamo - lively centre for food culture

With its wide range of events, the culinary and urban culture centre Teurastamo (The Abattoir) always presents the latest food culture in Helsinki.

Food plays a key role in everything that happens at the Abattoir. Of course, you can always come and relax in the hammocks and on the terraces without having to eat, but be prepared in case you get tempted by the aromas wafting from the public grill! Even if you don’t have your own grilling supplies with, the Abattoir guarantees you will always find great food at its restaurants and also from the special food stands during events.

Established on the grounds of the Helsinki Wholesale Market, the Abattoir is a lively culinary and urban culture centre that participates in many of the city’s main events and also offers its own happenings, such as garden markets, the Sideways Music Festival and the Helsinki Night Market.

Helsinki Night Market at the Abattoir (c) Jussi Hellsten/Visit Helsinki

Ice cream bar competes with restaurants for popularity

The Abattoir is a great place to enjoy a picnic. Tables and chairs are spread out across the beach and lawn area, and an urban garden maintained by local residents adds to the pleasant atmosphere.

If you prefer to be served at a set table, you can choose from a wide range of restaurant offerings, including lunch or dinner at the Kellohalli restaurant and terrace, Chinese street cuisine at Ho’s Food, grilled food at B-smokery, delicious meat dishes at Teurastamo Portti and handmade Italian ice cream at Jädelino.

Jädelino ice cream at the Helsinki Abattoir (c) Jussi Hellsten/Visit Helsinki

The Abattoir is also home to the Helsinki Distilling Company, which is opening a bar in summer 2016. The Vaelsa Pasty Factory and Helsinki Coffee Roastery in turn supply their delicious products to the local restaurants and shops.

Flavour Studio at the heart of the Abattoir

The Flavour Studio is a kitchen school, flavour laboratory and event venue that invites people to discover the art and science of working with flavours at special events and adult education courses.

“The Abattoir is a work in progress. We are rapidly developing the area into a centre for food culture that attracts visitors on the basis of great flavours,” says Matti Santala from the Flavour Studio.

Santala and his partners are also responsible for running Kellohalli, the restaurant, bar, terrace and event venue that welcomes visitors to the Abattoir. New events that are open to the public are being planned all the time.

Text: Mariaana Nelimarkka

Updated 24/02/2016