Juuso Bear's First Exhibition

Juuso bear (born 2000) became internationally famous in 2015, when his human parents Sulo Karjalainen and Pasi Jäntti began to videograph his painting process. The painting bear was reported for example in the Huffington Post and the Independent. Juuso is also know from Steam of Life, a documentary about Finnish saunas, as well as from online videos that are gathering millions of views. The weight of 423 kilos makes him also the biggest measured brown bear in Finland.
The art exhibition About strenght and softness is the first solo exhibition of probably the only painting bear in the world. The exhibition consist of unique paintings on plywood and paper and limited edition prints. Juuso uses colors from real berries, such as blueberry, strawberry and lingonberry, but also finger and face painting colors.

The sales of the exhibition will be used to film a documentary movie about bear life in Finland.