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Enjoy the wildlife at Helsinki Zoo

Experience the whole world on one island. At Helsinki Zoo you see around 150 different animal species, each more interesting than the next! Explore the island and look for the snow leopards from the Himalayas, the hairy camels, the red pandas, the poisonous toads and all kinds of monkeys and other lovely animals.

Most of the animals at the zoo like to live outdoors in both the summer and winter, so you can visit the island whenever! For example, the musk ox, snowy owl and the forest reindeer from the Arctic regions don’t mind the winter cold at all.

Helsinki Zoo plays an important role in the conservation of biodiversity. This work is carried out both at the zoo and in the natural habitats of the animals. Animals born at the zoo are also returned to their natural habitats.

Further information: www.korkeasaari.fi

Helsinki Zoo is a partner of Visit Helsinki.

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Let's go to Helsinki Zoo!

Updated 15/06/2016