• Tyttö jättiläislumpeen lehdellä. Kuva: Eija-Leena Laiho.
  • Afrikannorsu Luonnontieteellisessä museossa. Kuva: Laura Hiisivuori
  • Ammoniitti. Kuva: Marika Turtiainen

Living science for visitors of all ages

World Nature on display at the Finnish Museum of Natural History
Dinosaurs, bats, giant water lilies, minerals…

The Finnish Museum of Natural History offers three fascinating attractions:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden
  • Kumpula Botanic Garden.

Special programmes are offered during school holidays.

(c) Salla Mehtälä/Luomus

Botanic gardens

Could you float on the leaves of a giant water lily? Where can you experience different continents all in one day? Enjoy the fascinating and diverse plantlife at the botanic gardens in Kaisaniemi and Kumpula. The greenhouses at the Kaisaniemi botanic garden invite you for a daytrip into the tropic, all year round. Kumpula Botanic Garden will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm (May-September). 

(c) Salla Mehtälä/Luomus

Natural History Museum offers science and experiences

When was the last time you stopped at the feet of a dinosaur or listened to the sounds of wild animals under the starry skies of Africa?

The five exhibitions at the Natural History Museum present the diversity of nature around the world. The History of Life tells about the development of living organisms in the light of fresh scientific results. The Story of the Bones exhibition studies the diversity of vertebrates from many different points of view – how and why they are developed, and what guides their evolution.

Further information on the Finnish Museum of Natural History: www.luomus.fi

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Updated 05/07/2017